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About Karen A. Moon

Karen A. Moon was born in 1980. Professionally, the author first chose photography and earned a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in photography. Today she is also a mother of three children. After many forays in the cultural, artistic and also business fields, Karen A. Moon has fulfilled a long-awaited heart's desire and written her first book with the Magical Lights trilogy. The realm of fantasy is infinitely large for the author and so many more magical stories will surely follow.




An unexpected move. A new school. When seventeen-year-old Elena moves with her mother into her late grandmother's inherited house in the middle of the school year, she is anything but thrilled. It soon becomes apparent that this change of school is not like the numerous others before it. Three extraordinary classmates take the eternal outsider into their circle of friends, and an acquaintance with the attractive Gel makes her heart beat faster right on the first day of school. The opposite is true of the mysterious and unfriendly Lucian. But Elena also comes dangerously close to him, but only in her dreams of the golden city...

Soon begins a series of strange and dangerous events that thoroughly turn Elena's normal teenage everyday life upside down. On her eighteenth birthday, Elena plunges headlong into an adventure that can only spring from the wonders of a magical world...

Join Elena on her journey into unexpected worlds, but be careful not to get lost in them... 


Everyone knows that self-publishing costs money. All costs, from editing to covers to marketing, you pay for everything out of your own pocket. Me too. But for me it's complicated by the fact that I'm a single mother of 3 children and have lost my source of income through Corona.

That's why I thought long and hard about whether I should do it and finally decided on Patreon.

What is Patreon? It's crowdfunding. In my case, you can support me financially with a small monthly amount, and depending on the amount of money you get something back from me as a thank you. Small goodies or even a bound edition with dedication with every new release. Also, patrons get info earlier regarding projects and an insight into my author life!

I would be insanely happy if you also want to support me. ❤️

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